The Driver’s Seat…

is all about this point of view….. The current scene through a clean Windshield!


East End Road

East End Road

Homer Taxi will focus on a different Customer profile I’ve summarized my thoughts below as I improve my plan read on if interested…….

First the career itself. I am wanting to hire three more Drivers. The shifts are 8 hours 6 am-2 pm and 2 pm-10 pm 3 or 4 days per week. This means no middle of the nights. No Bars, Plan on busy shifts, with pre-scheduled trips, each plotted out with way points on the built in dash 7″ and 8″ video screen using Google  Maps, showing travel time: to, during  and between trips. Easily view destinations and details, routes history and more than you might imagine.

The hands free Blue Tooth Wireless interacts seamlessly with VOIP for hands free communication. Not to mention the 10 position driver’s seat. This career offers good income, opportunity to meet new people and get moderate exercise all while exploring the Kenai Peninsula closer.

I am seeking people 50 years and older, retired is good, overated as it is, with  good driving records and Alaska driving experience (moose, snow, ice) with a decent local history in and of Homer to and from Anchorage, Alaska. Professional demeanor, Non-drinkers, Non-smokers, Non-chewers preferred. People that really want these lucrative professional positions, that YOU as a professional driver offer, build,  and maintain more skills, than just steering  a best in it’s class SUV passenger car.

I am really gearing up and planning for Spring (May) they say the Visitor Industry in the State of Alaska will be larger in 2018 than 2016-2017 which were a record. It is definiitely not to early to put the pieces in place.

The service we will offer is more professional than what is available. The Pre-scheduled Trip schedules should  gradually fill up, requiring more cars and more drivers. I am hoping gradually enough for us to keep up effectively.

You will be driving brand new best in their class cars. well maintained clean cars, every shift, every day, every trip. We will offer safe, clean, comfortable vehicles for transportation, safely driven by mature, polite, accommodating drivers. That’s it! VEHICLES and DRIVERS the two most important parts of this service,  with State of the Art  Communication for maximum efficiency We will be good, in fact we will be the best.

This service is steps above Uber or Lyft in that this is the business of our Vehicles and our Drivers to offer Safe Professional Transport of People in an on-time professional reliable manner, not something we do between soccer games and while grocery shopping.

First in the beginning I need 1 other driver to commit to an 8 hour second shift  (2-10pm) 3-7 days a week. As we progress hopefully we attract a few more drivers as well as new customers. I have been thinking maybe basing one car in Anchorage, providing we enlist a driver who is living there, and has a garage for the car, we’ll see.

Stay tuned as this evolves….. if you have any interest, suggestions or comments please use the top menu contact tab, thanks for reading this.