I’m researching new cars, making arrangements for a nice shop for car maintenance to keep the cars clean, warm serviced and safe all winter and summer long. with a nice warm comfortable lobby for customers and drivers to relax and be engaged.

2017 Subaru Outback

2017 Subaru Outback

We will be primarily a day time Taxi Transportation Company  focused on Pre-scheduled trips.  The longer trips made very comfortable and very affordable for three passengers to and from Anchorage and Kenai. We will update this information as we develop it. I’m currently driving as an Independant driver for a local company, not wanting to embrace the technology advancements in this industry, after making suggestions and comments about the advancements and being cut off with no interest. I don’t see any improvements coming anytime soon.

I do want to embrace the technology especially in this business it’s the backbone. Therefore get new vehicles and get them rolling as described throughout this website!

We will attract and build an undeveloped part of the business travelling through this community, prescheduled transportation and no nights no trips originate after 10 pm. For my plan newer cars kept in terrific shape with a place to keep them clean, thawed dry, serviced and well maintained is a priority, almost a must.

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